Thursday, 3 May 2007

Where it all began : Sniffles & Cough

I created a faux ad for the WONDERFUL staff at my local Coffee cart 'Expresso Plus', really just for fun.

While showing the staff there one of my other creations I was then approached by the students doing the Unitec student magazine 'InUnison' about doing a regualr strip for their magazine.

I threw around a couple of ideas and approached them with a student based idea and one based on the strange happenings at the Coffee cart.

The Editor really liked the Coffee cart idea as they are quite identifiable on campus (and their blend of coffee is infamous) and so Sniffles & Cough were born!

I'll be post their strips from time to time including further ad's and things I dream up along the way.

Hope you're having a good week and check back soon for more on :
'Sniffles & Cough'
'Rally Mark'
and all things arty by HotRob. :D


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