Thursday, 17 February 2011

DC Powerhouses & Retro Girl

To practise a bit of variety i've been checking out other peoples work and having a go at their style. These latest two are Shaun 'Cheeks' Galloway (JLA Sketch) and Mike Avon Oeming (Retro-Girl sketch).

I've based my drawing loosely on their sketches and tried to add some of my own style too and i'm pretty happy with the results though i've still got a bit of work to do on anatomy because even cartoon work doesn't carry well if you can't get the proportions right. :)

Once again i'm sticking with the ballpoint pen but this is mainly because i waiting on an order of ink for my new fountain pen.

Ooh and just as a teaser i thought i'd include a snippet from something you'll see online in the very near future and it's something i'm really quite excited about because i've been working on it for a few months now and it features a small cameo of my favourite character and yours, "Rally Mark"!

Like i say it's only a cameo but it was a fun little detail to add. :)

Thanks for reading!

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