Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Daily Draw February

Weekly Draw February
Well it is supposed to be ‘Daily Draw February’ and so far I’m managing that, it’s just not ‘daily upload February’ so it’s going to be ‘Weekly Draw February’ with 5 days of drawing and two of tidy up and publish per week J.
Day 1 – Mirror Mirror
After camping for a week in a remote location with limited facilities you really begin to appreciate what life is all about and how simple it can be, but it wasn’t till we returned to ‘civilisation’ that I realised just how you can be affected by something as simple as a  mirror.
You’ll stop, look at yourself, check yourself over for what – imperfections? Judge yourself on the way you look? Or just plain have a smile at how good looking you are? Wow, are we really that critical/vain?
Not having a mirror for a week actually showed me that yes personal appearance is important for self esteem but so is being happy with who you are and the life you have without have to have an external source of reference, and so I created these rhymes about the ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall’.

Day 2 – Roses are Red
I can’t believe I’d even forgotten the bit past ‘Violets are blue so I had to look it up. How bad is that! But in doing so I found some interesting pointers to the origins of the apparently now commercialised ‘Valentines’ style rhyme from something that I felt had a bit more meaning. So after a slightly rambling start I managed to recraft it into more of it’s original style, which was quite fun.

Day 3 – Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk
Following on – as one’s mind is want to do – the nursery rhyme track, I decided to crossover Jack and Jill with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and rather enjoyed trying to fit the two together with the main thrust being the beanstalk coming out of the well. J
Day 4 – Foxy
A cross between J Scott Campbell and Erika Pearce. I’ve wanted to try this since I saw Ericka’s awesome pieces with animals and people. The face turned out J Scott Campbell style someone and I image her being a redhead of course.

Day 5 – In the Mind
Sometimes the easiest way to find something to draw is un-focus yourself and see what the pencil will do, it usually ends up a bit weird as evidenced here but it’s still fun.


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