Thursday, 13 May 2010

ActionMan Adam

Action Man Adam

by Marc Streeter

ActionMan Adam is a entertaining introduction to a crazy Canadian character - based in Christchurch, New Zealand - trying to fall in love with every good-looking female within eyeshot. And lets face it who doesn’t want good-looking girls to fall in love with them?

Marc’s knack for witty dialogue and often cringe-worthy situations brings Adam’s personality off the page and with the introduction of a supporting cast (Adam’s flatmate Munter) starts to bring some real dimension to the character. Fluid layouts, great toning, consistent artwork and great story-telling make the Adams adventures a pleasure to read.

You can see the development in Marc’s art from story to story within the book and I can envision Marc doing a Spiderman story in the future with the way the character tumbles across a tree branch in the first story and Adam slightly geek-ish nature puts him in a similar realm to Peter Parker.

Marc’s writing endears the character of Adam to the reader through laughing at his outrageous attempts at gaining the affections of any good-looking female within eyeshot and sympathising with him when it ultimately doesn’t work out. Adam has a good heart just a misguided sense of affection.

Unfortunately most of the stories in the book are a bit short, which makes it a quick read. Though the last story ‘Cold’ rounds out the book quite nicely and leaves you wanting to know more about the character it’ll be interesting to see where Marc will take Adam in his next adventures and how he will develop his character further.

By the look of the new pages being posted online ( Marc is definitely pushing it to the next level in terms of story, layout and artwork.

Keep up the good work Marc, great things await.

Review by Robin Hotter


soupy said...

Oh cool, its great to see Adam reaching out all over the internets! Adam is a man among men.

Robin said...

He is indeed, and very hard working to boot!