Monday, 1 November 2010

Bret Michaels - Sketch Monday

Bret Michaels

Saw Bret Michaels (Poison front man and Celebrity Apprentice/Rock of Love) on Oprah today talking about his brain hemorage and by all accounts he's licky to be alive.

I'm not afraid to say i thought Poison was cool in their heyday back in '87 - guess it shows my age - but hey they were a fun, freaky rock n' roll band at the time and they have some good tunes like "Every Rose has it's Thorn", "Your Mama don't Dance", "Fallen Angel", "Ride the Wind" and "Something to Believe In".

So i did a couple of pen sketches while i was listening to them talk and this is how they turned out. I was going for the caricature look and especially with his headband and jooby lips it's not too hard what to pick to exaggerate on him. :)


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