Thursday, 28 April 2011

Brixton Bricks & Coffee Beans

A few weeks ago i was lucky enough to have my guest-strip run on the Actionman Adam website

I wasn’t sure if I needed to explain the importance of the brick a bit more.

Apparently back in the late 70’s and early 80’s (around the time ‘The Clash’ and ‘The Sex Pistols’ were around) “Margret Thatcher’s Britain was the riot capital of the world. Thatcher may have ruled in Parliament but out on the street it was a different matter. From the first eruption of inner-city rioting in St Paul’s Bristol in 1980 through the July rioting across the country in 1981 to Brixton and Broadwater Farm in 1985 someone some- where was lobbing a brick or petrol bomb at Thatcher.” (IAN BONE). As far as I have been informed carrying a brick around in your pocket was a part of Punk culture as well (but I may be wrong about that).

So the Sniffles & Cough characters love punk music (especially 'The Clash') and always have a brick handy incase of interlopers. In this case the manic dude Greg.

Hopefully that's a little clearer than mud. :)

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